On December 25th 2013, Whitenicious By Dencia Introduced an innovative line of high-end skin care product line suitable for all skin types, from dark skin to light skin, men,women & children of all ethnicities & Race developed by Pop Singer Dencia. Her Mission, driven by a vision of a different version started with just 2 products in 2013 but currently 40+ products.that deliver  an indulgent at-home spa experience.





Through clean organic innovative cutting edge ingredients & technical formulas, whitenicious by Dencia’s innovative -crafted solutions are  developed to deliver targeted skin repair , clean skin, eradicate acne, hyperpigmentation, fix hypopigmentation, brighten, lighten,rejuvenate and nourishment for all skin types, tones, textures, and stages of maturity.






Dencia’s diagnosis with Addison’s disease became the catalyst for her journey into  skincare, inspiring her to learn more about her skin and how to care for it. Fueled by years of gathered insights from global skincare specialists, brands and her grandma being a naturalists and skincare connoisseur, Whitenicious BY Dencia’s  science-backed formulas made in the USA work together to reactivate your skin's inner potential.


People with dark spots, acne, hyper pigmentation, dark knuckles and knees (all of which can leave your skin looking uneven) have endured decades of neglect among established international cosmetic companies. The continued marginalization of African & Asian descended men and women in the world market of cosmetics led even more to the inspiration of Pop Singer Dencia to share her products with the world .

Whitenicious products adhere to the highest quality standards and undergo intense scientific and technical scrutiny, resulting in a luxurious skin product made from high quality ingredients and natural plant extracts.

The Whitenicious line has no harsh toxic chemicals  known to be harmful to the skin such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. Ingredients include fruit extracts, vitamin C & E which all help to naturally heal and clear the skin.

Say "Goodbye!" to blotchy skin, pigmentation and unwanted marks forever!  Whitenicious affirms and understands the value of feeling good on the inside, as well as looking good on the outside, by combining beauty and skin care in each of our skin care products.



Whitenicious is not a drug.

We Do not Accept Returns.

All sales are final.

Do not use on irritated or damaged skin.

Use as Directed.