Intensive Stretch Mark Reduction Cream

$ 150 $ 300


Whitenicious Advanced Stretch mark cream 

(With stem cell technology & growth factors)



Intensive concentrate for existing stretch marks 


 Best Used With A Derma Roller 




Four out of five people develop stretch marks. Fight back with scientific breakthroughs based on the molecular language of cellular communication. Developed by human stem cell researchers, Whitenicious By Dencia Stretch Mark Cream contains multiple active ingredients including molecular bio-signaling compounds proved to help promote repair of the weakened and damaged skin tissue (dermis) that is the direct cause of stretch marks.”

       - Dr G. Taylor (Newport Beach, California)






*Stretch marks (striae) occur during the lifetime of four out of five people, most commonly from obesity, rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, muscle mass growth (“body building”), or use of corticosteroid medications. The defect results from rupture of dermal tissue in the deeper layers of the skin.
      During early phases, the color of the stretch mark is reddish or violet, progressing to white as scar tissue matures. Despite maturation, stretch marks represent thin and weakened areas of skin. Their cosmetic impact can be significant, regardless of stage of evolution.


Topical products intended to treat stretch marks should focus on preservation of surrounding intact skin, while providing active ingredients that promote collagenesis to thicken and strengthen thin weakened areas. Growth factors that promote new blood vessel growth and suppress inflammation can be of significant value. Whitenicious Advanced Stretch Mark Cream contains multiple active ingredients, which are highlighted in the ingredient list. 


CAUTION: For topical use only.

For external use only.Avoid contact with eyes.If product comes in contact with eyes,flush with warm water.Not for use by pregnant or nursing women.


How To Use: 

* Begin with clean dry skin.Apply cream twice a day AM & PM.

* Use sparingly.This product is very concentrated.

For Best Results, Use For Atleast 90 Days

* Vigorously massage product into the target area  using circular motion until completely absorbed.

* Product absorbs immediately leaving the skin looking smooth.


Please note that this product is sold by weight not by volume. Some settling will occur after filling products. during handling and shipping.


All Our products are made by a chemists in the USA.

  • All products are made & shipped out Within 4 weeks. Once opened, can last & be used for up to 6 momths.lotions & creams once opened should be used within 6 months, soaps can be used for up to a year,shower gels should be used within 6 months. Unopened products have a 1yr shelf life depending on how and where it is stored.
  • While we love that organic beauty products are made with pure ingredients from plants, flowers and foods, it also means that they’ll go bad more quickly than conventional products. Without chemical preservatives like parabens, shelf life of our products shortens because it has organic content. Kindly always use as advised.

We do not have a money back guarantee program

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