Body glow Brightening Oil

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This luxurious blend of moisturizing  Oil leaves your skin  feeling silky smooth with protective antioxidant benefits of filled with potent ingredients that Diminishes Discoloration,Rejuvenates Dull Dry Skin as it Regenerate’s your skin,It Hydrates as it moisturizes your gorgeous skin.The Natural Vitamin C and E Visibly Improves Skin’s Clarity as it Tones,lightens & brightens.



Direction: Apply AM/PM all over your  body from neck down to toes.





Can be mixed with your body lotion.




Orders Take Four Business Days To Process and Ship

Please note that this product is sold by weight not by volume.Some settling will occur after filling products. during handling and shipping.

All Our products are made by a chemists in the USA.

  • All products are made & shipped out Within 4 weeks. Once opened, can last & be used for up to 6 momths.lotions & creams once opened should be used within 6 months, soaps can be used for up to a year,shower gels should be used within 6 months. Unopened products have a 1yr shelf life depending on how and where it is stored.
  • While we love that organic beauty products are made with pure ingredients from plants, flowers and foods, it also means that they’ll go bad more quickly than conventional products. Without chemical preservatives like parabens, shelf life of our products shortens because it has organic content. Kindly always use as advised.



We do not have a money back guarantee program





PSA : All 100Ml Products bought on sale comes in our WhiteniciousAfrica White & Gold containers.

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