What does a whitenicious  Skincare Franchise Cost?


The total investment to start  your own whitenicious  skincare franchise depends on the amount of products you want to retail. Our goal is to help you resell the best sellers in your country or state. The Whitenicious  franchise is focused on making our amazing products more accessible to everyone around the world. We are looking for franchisees who are passionate about people, making people feel confident, and the skin care industry.



The skincare industry is worth an estimated $163.5 billion globally (Statista)  in 2022 and growing


Whitenicious is a fast-growing skincare company on a mission to provide expert skincare and has made the home facial experience more accessible and helps consumers achieve their skincare goals with the knowledge and care of talented Chemists . Whitenicious  is changing how we take care of our skin redefining the future of the skincare industry for the modern consumer.

The whitenicious  brand and operations playbook can set you up for success with its best-in-class, single-service business that has overwhelmingly succeeded in multiple markets since 2012.




Through an E-commerce store,whitenicious has made clean, vegan, paraben free, hydroquinone free, steroid free hyperpigmentation products more accessible and helps consumers achieve their skincare goals with the knowledge and care of our talented Chemist and a plethora of top A’list celebrities from Hollywood to the average Joe who uses our brands for different purposes. Our dark spot removers have been a best seller since 2013 worldwide with customers paying $70 to ship a $25 bar of soap to Africa, Europe or Asia, which other skincare company can do that? Our skin lightening shots have made it easier for those who can afford it. Started by Pop star Dencia, whitenicious brand started as an outlet to help her unify her skin after experiencing the side effects of Addison’s disease, started with just 2 products, whitenicious now has over 70 products you can pick from and growing. Whitenicious stands out in the skincare  industry because of how fast it works, the brand received more than $100M in free Publicity and continuous to get publicity through out the years, a brand that stays in the Press.

Personalization and expertise are at the core of what whitenicious  does, our cutting edge made in the USA innovative products are made in Fda approved labs, high value chemists.You’ll equip your team with the tools and training needed to perform personalized treatments and guide their clients’ skincare journeys, and curated skincare products at every price point.



The Skincare Industry

  • A $165 billion and growing category
  • Services and products for men and women
  • Highly loyal customer base
  • High purchase frequency (every 2 weeks )
  • Compelling customer economics
  • Deep emotional resonance
  • After food, skincare is the number one daily routine in people’s lives
  • COVID accelerated the already growing shift in skincare over beauty
  • Expert guidance and routine personalization stand out among traditional skincare e-commerce


The Opportunity

Whitenicious provides accessible, approachable self-care in the beauty industry with specialized and personalized treatments that are made  by expert chemists.

Whitenicious has built the largest, most diverse clientele worldwide and in the few shops we have it in, there is a constant culture of education and excellence.


Whitenicious  by the Numbers

Whitenicious prides itself on excellence.

There is a 4 star rating out of 5 by customers.

50% of clients are recommended by a friend.

84% of clients are returning customers monthly.

Make from $250k to over $1M monthly 


Your Investment as a Franchisee

Your start up cost is dependent upon how many products you will resell  and which country  or city.Your Ongoing Fees demonstrate a win-win relationship based upon our mutual success.

Contact Us for information on franchising Whitenicious in Your country.



Contact : Franchise@whitenicious.com