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  • Dencia's Skincare Routine

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    After taking a shower earlier today I looked at the mirror and all i could think of was how healthy my skin looked. I'm pleased with how healthy my skin tone and complexion  is and I feel like I'm glowing. Notice I didn’t say light,bright,dark or any specific complexion.  I simply stated "healthy".

    99% of women are on the quest for better looking skin regardless of what skin tone it is,but let me tell you a secret, your skin tone isn’t what matters. What really matters is healthy looking glowing even complexioned skin. I don’t want to brag but the struggles were real. I didn't achieve my complexion without the ups and downs some of you might be experiencing.  We all get frustrated or give up at some point but hey sister, don’t ever give up because one day you will get there and achieve your own personal skin goals.

    A lot of people ask me if  i only use skin lightening  products daily . The answer is I actually do but only on my knuckles. I actually moisturize them about 10 times a day with my lips lol (yes i am obsessed,i use the envydia lip lightening gloss for my lips and whitenicious eraser stick which is coming soon, which is much easier to apply on the skin)


    I'm at a place where I can’t lose my current skin tone, but I can lose my glow. I detest makeup. It is is my worst enemy! I hate wearing it and when I had to wear it  twice in one week recently to attend  the AMA’S AND LATIN GRAMMY’S  gave me anxieties and  bothered me a lot . I personally believe makeup diminishes your glow. It steals that beautiful spotless glow on your face. A lot of you don’t know that but it does,it’s annoying and i am looking to develop a solution to wear makeup without skin contact.


    I will like to share some personal skincare tips like from my beauty regimen.


    Soft Skin: The secret to soft skin is shaving off hair all over your body. Hair is a no Bueno! I actually  laser it off every 6 weeks and in-between i use sally Hansen  shower spray hair remover. My body feels so soft afterwards and I literally feel the difference.

    Body scrubs are an essential part of my regimen. I don’t know where you live but after reading this, I suggest you find a korean spa and go get you a body scrub. It's the best thing you could do for your skin. You exfoliate dead skin and open up your pores. My first experience was weird but hey now i love it.I used to go to a spa in studio city where they just did the wet body scrub until one day i went to visit my sister in VA I was bored and started looking for spa’s and found a korean spa. I got there,they gave me the towel,locker keys etc,told me to soak in the jacuzzi then use sauna and i am looking at all this naked women walking up and down and i was like hell no. I hate public pools and jacuzzis. I was hesitant to get in but then i said it won’t hurt to try. Yes I did it and let me tell you something there’s nothing better than someone scrubbing that dead skin off you. After that i was hooked, I found another korean spa when i got back to LA and i went there about twice a week I became addicted and loved how soft my skin felt. It was so good plus I love when someone else is giving me a shower (spoiled by grandma i know). On a trip to NY in 2014, i discovered the weirdest spa, lol this one was awkward. I go in and change, get in the sauna because they have no jacuzzi and to my greatest surprise I see a stark naked man  walking in. I was terrified and didn’t know it was a unisex spa. I got up and bolted out like what did i just sign up for?????, but my addiction to scrubs wouldn’t let me go lol. I got my scrub and thats all that mattered. The lady who worked there told me I should get the scrubs once a week because it makes your skin thin when you do too much. Since then,  I religiously go once a month and in-between i go before events such as award shows or when i have to travel. When I'm at the spa I bring and ask them to use my whitenicious coconut and sugar scrub. After  the scrub I get a milk bath, and also use my papaya soap because i love the squiky clean feel it gives then finally round it up with my body glow oil. I take uber back home (I hate driving to the spa, after all that relaxation last thing I want is La traffic stress). So yes find you a korean spa. Another bonus is,if you have body image issues, you will feel much better about yourself when you see all the other women who come in there. I Once met a woman who told me after running into her co workers and seeing them naked she had new found confidence and yes everyone who visits me in LA, goes to the spa.

    Ladies, always I repeat always moisturize at least 3 times a day. I know most of you work 9-5 but during your break, get in the bathroom and sneak in some oil or lotion on your skin. That one time counts! Keep your hand cream in your purse next to you and always moisturize. For those of you using the dark knuckles cream always do that. Nurses you have an advantage over others because you wear gloves at work. Gloves help adsorb lotion much better.


    Face: Honestly your face doesn’t need much.I recently learned that. Less is more For those of you suffering from acne, avoid using creams as much as possible. I usually advice you use the whitenicious papaya soap and facial cleanser until your acne dries out,then use the dark spot remover. Applying creams over pimples is not  good at all and it makes your acne much worse.

    I use most of the whitenicious products myself daily one way or the other and love scrubbing my hands weekly with the coconut and sugar scrub because it gives it some softness. I use the whitenicious dark spot remover or dark knuckles creme to moisturize when necessary ,the skin oils are amazing,the vitamin C facial cream i use 3 times a week and when i feel like my skin is looking a little dull. I use the dark knuckles and knees cream on my knees and feet and I use envydia toning milk in the morning and in the evening. I tend to use the daytime and night time cream once in a while because i don’t need it very much on my face , it’s for people who need brightening so unless i need it i dont use it, for full body at night here and there I use Envydia toning milk or Darklicious chocolate milk they both smell so good I like it on my sheets.I use the innovative two part envydia anti aging serum and moisturizer (yes you have to start young) the ingredients are great for the face too it firms and smoothens too. Who wants to have wrinkles in the future? Not me!

    After taking off that awful breast implant I wasted my money on back in 2011, (btw i hate everyone around me for not telling me it was awful) I developed some stretch marks ( p.s almost every body enhancement surgery you do causes stretch marks and the Dr's don't tell you that. For a whole month i used the stretch mark cream twice a day on my breast and it completely cleared it. The stretch mark cream feels great on the skin sometimes i use it as my body lotion (smiles) a little confusing) but whose skincare regimen isn’t? I have all these on my bathroom table so i can grab here and there,some days i use Darklicious chocolate cream, it smells so heavenly and yummy you should try it for your kids or yourself or husband It's very smooth with a fragrance so good you will want to lick yourself lol

    I am big on vitamins, I religiously drink alkaline water to balance my ph level and reduce acidity.  Avoid HARD water! It messes up your skin and hair because of the calcium deposits.i add vitamins & supplements to my skincare regimen which we will rerelease online shortly,I try every product for at least 3 months before putting in the market.I use almost all these products because I know how it is made & how safe it is,when people see me in person they say if the media never said u lightened your skin,I wouldn't know.Whitenicious is made out of things we eat.


    As of now I am going on a binge where I only use the stretch mark cream in my body because I am gaining weight so I am fighting it before anything happens plus it's cold in la I have no skin issues I just want to keep warm & soft ?❤️ when I talk to some of our celebrity clients they tell me Whitenicious is the best thing since their last dermatologists lol.I have a fridge in my makeup room where i keep all my skincare products.My chemist said it's always better to keep your creams in cool environments.



               I might have missed some points but all the tips I've shared will give you healthy skin. It did that for me and regardless of your skin tone,you need to take care of your skin as a woman if you want to look and feel great.There’s no greater feeling than taking off your clothes, looking in the mirror and saying damn I look and feel good!

                                       XO Dencia

    My list

    1. facial cleanser
    2. Papaya soap
    3. Daytime & night time cream
    4. Envydia body beautifying toning cream
    5. Dark spot remover
    6. Dark knuckles and knees
    7. Lip lightening gloss
    8. New knuckle eraser stick ( releasing this December
    9. anti aging kit
    10. Stretch mark cream
    11. Body glow oil
    12. Stretch mark cream


    Leave your comments with some regiments that help you

    Below is a picture of my sister's arms,i was helping her shave,see the difference it makes.

    My Sister's hands i shaved,see before and after


    below are my daily vitamins,i take twice daily and it does do the skin justice


    Daily dose of vitamins

    Below will be the 200g creme from whitenicious and darklicious chocolate cream.i bring them out the fridge to use after my bath.


    If you look closely you will see some products and while wondering why i have juices in there i use them too on my skin especially the milk and orange juice,the lemonde too.the blender has my home made facials in it.I use almost only natural things on my skin once i have no spots or blemishes.

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    When you think of skin bleaching,the first two pictures on the left come in mind.When you think of skin lightening,the four pictures should come in mind.Skin whitening, skin lightening, and skin bleaching refer to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an even skin complexion by lessening the concentration of melanin. Several chemicals have been shown to be effective in skin whitening, while some have proven to be toxic or have questionable safety profiles, adding to the controversy surrounding their use and impacts on certain ethnic groups.

         "There is a growing market in skin lightening products that are toxin-free. However, they are more costly due to their expensive ingredients. Japan and the Pacific are big markets for high quality skin lightening products imported from Europe.A lot of you ask why our dark spot removers and other products are expensive,this is because we use safe ingredients that will not harm you.At Whitenicious your safety is our top priority.A lot of people with money can afford the safe methods of skin lightening.Like every industry and anything,the top $$ will get you the best of the best.always do your research

        A lot of people deny bleaching because they don't bleach,the lighten their skin.Your dermatologist will prescribe you 4% Hydroquinone in America and it is banned in Europe. #YouDecideWhatYouWantToLookLikeAsAnAdult #PeopleWilldowhatTheYWantToDo #DarkspotRemover #Envydia #NoHydroquinone #NoSteroids #Nomercury #Whitenicious #SkinlighteningVsSkinBleaching #celebrities #SafeVsUnsafe #ciara #beyonce #nickiminaj #Dencia

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